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Tirrena started out as a Marittime Agency and thanks to more than 30 years experience, today the Company has a key role in the shipping and coordinating of goods both in the part of Marina di Carrara and in the main parts of Italy.

An expert and qualified team are on hand24 hours a day to ensure port operations are carried out quickly and efficiently to minimize the time the ship is at dock.

Tirrena is specialized in managing the loading or unloading of project cargo, marble & granite blocks, iron & steel products like pipes, sheet steel, coils, wire rod rolls as well as bulk cargo.

Tirrena offers a professional door-to-door service wether managing goods on the ground or in loading / unloading.

Tirrena guarantees maximum speed when dealing with crew change paperwork, official procedures at consulates and or embassies and also assists with re-fueling and the supply of ship's stores.


Viale Domenico Zaccagna, 6
54031 Carrara Avenza (MS) - ITALY
Tel +39 0585 50731
Fax +39 0585 507333
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